Shipping Tips You Need To Know For Your E Commerce Business

Shipping is an important aspect of success in the online shopping world. E commerce giant Amazon has set customer expectations very high when it comes to shipping, and many e commerce stores have been trying their best to keep up.

Because changes keep happening on a daily basis in the world of satisfaction and shipping, here are some tips that can help you get ahead in the game.

Offer Your Customers A Speedy Delivery

Customers love to get their products fast! The faster you can get their items delivered to their door step, the better. Customers today expect to be given the two-day, next-day and same- day delivery options.

The VP of digital engagement at PointSource Greg Ng has this to say, “Right now, Amazon has set the bar with same-day shipping, whether retailers like it or not.” He also told e commerce times, “Expectations for shipping speed are rapidly changing, and retailers may need to make updates to their digital experience and backend supply chain so that they can keep up. That may mean working with third-party suppliers, distributors and technologies that can ensure a more accurate, seamless and speedy delivery process.”

Offering your customers a quick and/or low cost delivery option is where the world of e commerce heading towards. The sooner e commerce businesses can adapt to this customer requirement the better.

“While the future of shipping is uncertain, it’s obvious that higher expectations and faster delivery are here to stay,” said Ng.

Ship From Or To Your Own Store

If you’re an e commerce business that also has your own brick-and-mortar store, delivery from or to the store can be appealing to customers.

“With consumers turning to both offline and online commerce touchpoints, each channel must be relevant in unique ways to shoppers, and shipping is a huge part of that,” said Ng. “Allowing same-day or next day shipping after buying in store — or vice versa, buy online and pick up at store — is one way that we are seeing retailers update their options.”

But of course, offering this service isn’t always a simple matter, since it involves making sure that your items are made available to ship according to your customers provided timeline. This can either be on your online or offline store.

Ng also added, “This requires better logistics and supply chain data, but ultimately it could provide more value to the customer by giving them a consistent experience no matter where they shop, allowing them to make purchases in ways that are convenient to them without extra fees,”

Get Outside Help

While this option might seem unnecessary especially to e commerce retailers who are just starting out, but it is worth looking into. Use shipping services to help you with your delivery. In the long run it could be a life saver in this ever complex, ever changing and demanding world of shipping. Also, it would best be handled by professionals who have experience in the field.

You could potentially be saving a lot of time if you were to let others help you out with your delivery. With the time you have saved, you could market your business and find new customers.

Katie May the CEO of Shipping Easy said this, “By simplifying the shipping process, e-commerce retailers can concentrate on what they love most — building their business.”

With the help of a professional team, e commerce business owners can get the help of a dedicated support team. Not to mention, discounted shipping rates, instant label printing and much more.

May also told the E-Commerce Times, “If a customer is an experienced shipper with a warehouse and thousands of packages to get out the door, ShippingEasy provides full automation across everywhere they sell and every shipping carrier.”

The most important part of getting outside help with shipping is of course, saving time.

The manager of user acquisition of shipping company ShipStation had this to say, “When you don’t waste hours each day copying and pasting addresses and tracking numbers, or shipping orders one by one, you can spend a lot more time developing new products and getting the word out about your brand,”

He also added that, “Putting a scalable, automated process in early means that your success isn’t dependent on one person who holds all the shipping knowledge,” he told the E-Commerce Times. ”


*Post originally written by E-Commerce Times by Vivian Wagner on the 4th of October 2017

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