influencer Marketing (Everything You Need To Know)

Social Media Influencers

Who are social media influencers you ask? They are socially savvy individuals who know a lot on using all social media platforms to engage and send strong messages across to their followers. They can be anyone, from an Instagramer, blogger or celebrity however these people always have credibility and a niche. Social media influencers are often approached by brands to promote their products/services to their loyal followers. Often these influencers are paid and/or compensated with samples of the brands products. There are millions of social media influencers out on the web and they can be segmented further to reach specific consumers like fashion followers, foodies, travel lovers, movie fanatics and so many more.

Where to find them?

I know by now you’re probably wondering where do you find these social media influencers and how to pick the right one to promote your brand. Not to worry! There are sites like BuzzSumo and Sprout Social to help you with that.

BuzzSumo or Sprout Social?

Both websites offer 3 different plans for its users according to what they want and their business.  Sprout Social offers its first time users a 30 day free trial upon signing up whereas BuzzSumo only offers a 15 day free trial. Sprout Social is also offering plans at a cheaper price point compared to BuzzSumo. A cheaper price also comes with less options. For example, Sprout Social is charging $59 per month and only allowing one user to be accessible to manage the account when BuzzSumo is charging $20 more at $79 per month and allowing 1-5 users to manage their own accounts allowing them to save their own searches.  

Which site you choose to use really depends on your business and how big it is. If you’re just a small business and just starting out without a big budget to spend on marketing then Sprout Social is for you. However, if you’re a bigger company with a bigger budget to burn and need more than one person handling the account then BuzzSumo is the right choice for you.

Picking your influencer

Before you pick an influencer based on their follower count, think again. Yes, its great to have a social media influencer who has millions of followers however it will be no use to you if their content and what you’re selling does not match. For example, your business is selling jewellery and you approach a food blogger to talk about your bracelets. That wouldn’t work because the food bloggers followers wouldn’t be interested in your jewellery as they visit the blog to look at food. Remember to pick an influencer who represents what you’re selling. Also, another aspect to look at before picking an influencer is how they interact with their audience. Always check to see if they are interactive and often respond to their followers comments and questions. Influencers who often interact with their followers have their trust. Also, look at the influencers frequency. Look at how frequent he/she posts. This is also important as when a publisher is always posting high quality content on a regular basis, readers or followers are more likely to come back to see more or share the post with their friends.

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