5 IMPORTANT E commerce Marketing Strategy Tips


Starting your own e commerce store and running it takes a lot of time and dedication. Before starting on your website, there are some research you need to do. For example, who is your target market, who your competitors are, what makes you different from your competitors and lastly design and build a website that will generate results.

A lot of e commerce businesses focuses more on the early stages of launching their business. They often forget to think about what happens after the website has been launched. If you’re already doing some marketing like paid searches and SEO (search engine optimization) and are not receiving the results you want, you might be wondering what else you could do to fuel your e commerce marketing strategy.

Here are the top 5 most important marketing strategies that we recommend that all e commerce business owners looking to step up their marketing game!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken over the marketing scene in 2017. This marketing tactic started to gain fame in 2013 and has only been getting more and more popular since. This is a great strategy for introducing brands to new audiences and vice versa. Also, it helps increase the desirability of a certain product.

This form of marketing is a very visual channel therefor making it the perfect strategy for e commerce businesses to use. These “influencers” often use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to show themselves wearing or using a certain product. Showcasing products and reviews normally come hand in hand, and in this case they do. Usually after showing a certain product they will also share their personal review on the product itself, talking about its good and bad attributes.

Look for influencers who have interest in the type of products you are selling as they will have more knowledge and  passion towards your brand. These types of partnerships will feel more real and relatable.  It is also not necessary to look for mega-influencers will millions of followers, as sometimes they can be quite expensive and picky with the people they want to work with.

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Remarketing has the power to convert visitors in to buyers at a low cost! Which makes it even more appealing to e commerce businesses.

How often do you visit a website and spend some time browsing around but leave without buying anything? The reason you left without purchasing anything isn’t because you had nothing to buy. Because lets be real, we always have something to buy, whether we need it or not. *heh. Its more likely that you were interrupted by something else or wanted to know more about the product before buying.

This is where remarking comes in handy. Remarkeitng helps by re-engaging customers that were distracted or unsure to go back to your e commerce website and buy from you. There are a few ways remarkeitng can be done through. For example, triggered emails or a display of advertisements that expire after a certain time.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This particular tactic often gets neglected or set aside compared to the other more exciting marketing tactics. However, it is something all e commerce businesses should be doing on an on going basis.

What is conversion rate optimization? It is the process of testing and implementing changes to an e commerce site to improve the page’s performance. Small changes such as changing the font of the website header or rearranging the product section of your website can sometimes make a tremendous difference and gain in conversions. Conducting on going conversion rate optimization will make sure that your website is converting as many of your website visitors into potential buying customers.

The important areas of testing for your e commerce website include, mobile usability, check out process, product page improvement, menu navigation and so much more.

Offering New Customers With Incentives

One of the most effective ways of converting uninterested customers into first time buyers is to offer them incentives, or in other words a discount or something FREE like a gift with purchase. We all love free stuff, i’m not going to lie.

Converting an unsure or uninterested customer is not easy because they are unsure about trusting your brand. Regardless of if they have seen an advertisement or heard good reviews about your business, sometimes customers aren’t sure if they themselves will personally like your product once they have made a purchase and it arrives at their door step. But, once you have successfully made the first sale, it would be much easier to turn the customer into a repeat customer.

Another form of incentive you can offer customers are a referral campaign, where customers are rewarded. Offer them some form of discount for referring their friends to your store. This can be made into a two way system where the friend will also receive a discount on their first purchase. This will make long time customers feel like they are being rewarded and continue their loyalty with the brand. It will also make new customers feel like they are receiving special benefits just by being a customer with the brand. 

Integrate Reviews and User Generated Content

When it comes to e commerce businesses, customer reviews are very important. As an e commerce business, you need to do everything you can to convince users to spend money on your products without being able to see and feel them physically.

Users are not that easily fooled. They are very well aware that your e commerce website was built to sell them something. User generated content such as reviews from happy customers often work best when trying to convert an unsure customer. This is because they know that these opinions are not bias information.

In addition, reviews can also help other users who have unanswered questions or tips about a certain product or about the brand. This can ultimately persuade a customer into buy from you too.



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